Beijing National Accounting Institute(BNAI) has a full-time teacher team with diverse educational background and rich pracical experience. BNAI encourages "Step out Of BNAI"strongly. Through visiting overseas universities, and jointing research with other professional institutions, BNAI improves its own teaching and research level step by step, At the same time, BNAI strengthens the introduction and training of teachers by "Bring In BNAI" channels which include recruiting overseas talent, building postdoctoral work(flow)station, and encouraging the overseas practice exercise, etc. Eventually, BNAI has formed an international teacher team with deep academic background, high social development sensitivity and strong research ability.


BNAI is a national financial talents training base and one of the nine Co-construction schools with the Ministry of Finance. Based on the construction of the financial think tank, BNAI plays the brand features positively in the field of training taledts in finance and Economics. For Important issues of foresight and trend in the reform of the financial and tax system, BNAI provides whole process dynamic research and consultation for government departments and industry organizations in policy formulation, implemenatation, feedback and adjustment aspects, and Builds the ideological database, talent database and financial or tax structural reform database by Using standardized research methods and giving full play to the unique advantages of student groups who are familiar with the development of the industry and practice, and the long-term study of the specialist team. Meanwhile, The International Economics and finance Institute( has trained and built a strong international financial research team for the international environment. They focus on the field of international finance and improve the sustainability or systematicness of international financial policy research support. With the social influence of famous teachers and researches, they guide the international community to evaluate China's fiscal and taxation policies and systems rationally and objectively.


In order to promote the key disciplines construction which is suitable for development, BNAI has established five research institutes: management control and accounting, audit and risk management, industrial finance and operation, and financial and financial policy coordination strategy; Three research centers; corporate governance and risk control, government accounting and Enterprise Financial Shared Services; and five laboratories; finance, big data taxation, management accounting, Financial reporting of budget internal control, and Financial Shared Services,


BNAI actively build"practice, study,research" integration of research and practical application platform, and constantly improve the core competitiveness and social impact of the institute by Organizing academic discussions,cooperating with enterprises and units, building scientific research bases, and introducing horizontal scientific research subjects,etc.