BNAI Executive Education (EE) is an integral part of “the Trinity System” in addition to the Degree Education and E-learning Education, which specializes in executive training and development programmes, ranging from a few days to many weeks.


  • training programmes commissioned by the government according to the annual plan supported with government funds
  • Customized executive development programmes specifically tailored to the needs of enterprises and administrative institutions
  • Open-enrolment programmes for senior executives and financial professionals focused on specific  areas in finance and accounting

Adhering to the main stream of fiscal and taxation reform, geared towards the trend of policy changes, BNAI has been summarizing experiences based on the branded training programs such as the Accounting Leading Talents Programmes of national level, provincial level and industry level, Programmes for Chief Accountants at SOEs, and a series of advanced, customized courses for enterprises, financial institutions, and finance and taxation departments. Through extensive researches on the professional competency framework, strengthened construction of curricula system, incessant improvement of faculty composition, unique emphasis on building of brands and quality, BNAI has developed featured word-of-mouth programs such as the Accounting Leading Talents Programme, Competency Enhancement Project for Chief Accountants, Professor-in-charge Training Programmes on Latest Hot Topics, Open-enrollment Programmes, Customized Training Programmes for Enterprises and Administrative Institutions, Wechat-based Courses and National Accounting Institute Forums.

Alongside experts and thought leaders from across the spectrum of professions,BNAI designs EE programmes in flexible and innovative ways, supported by state-of-the art learning technologies, led by BNAI faculty, who are actively engaged in consultancy and business-relevant research, putting them in close touch with the needs of business and government. Over the years, BNAI’s portfolio of EE programmes has established the reputation for the excellence and become one of the most comprehensive and respected nationwide.

In the past five years, BNAI offered a total of 1352 training programmes and trained over 131,000 trainees, amounting to 584,000 training days. Looking forward, BNAI will continue to develop and offer EE programmes in innovative ways, connecting Internet technology and combining leading-edge, collaborative research and practical knowledge. Executive Education at BNAI is an immersive learning experience –- participants have the opportunity to practice in the Lab to experience the real world. The Lab is a series of practical workshops on theory and real-world case studies. The Lab leads the effort of BNAI to be committed to practicality. BNAI EE empowers the participants with fresh insights on their professional strengths to be ready for the challenges and become visionary accountancy leaders. BNAI will continue to make unremitting efforts to build it into the world’s renowned accounting institute with international recognition to offer top-ranked EE programmes.




Accounting Leading Talents Programme

Fostering of Visionary Accounting Leaders

To speed up the cultivation of senior accounting talents and improve the talent structure of the accounting profession, the Ministry of Finance launched the National Accounting Leading Talents Programmes for the preparation of future leaders in the enterprise, the administrative institutions, the CPA profession and the Academia. The Programmes are designed to build China's leading accounting talents within a decade who have global visions and strategic thoughts, proficient in professional work, with a profound understanding of professional ethics. The programmes are aimed at overall enhancement of the general quality of the accounting professionals and accounting practices, in the purpose of provision of sufficient talent pool and efficient intelligence support for the boosting of social economic development and the accounting profession growth.

Beijing National Accounting Institute has developed an innovative model of training echoing the uniqueness of characteristics in terms of talent candidate selection, cultivation and examination based on the accumulated experience in the running of Accounting Leading Talents Programmes of the national level, provincial level and industry level.

Driven by the mission to establish BNAI as the world's renowned accounting institute, BNAI has built an excellent reputation on these programmes in accordance with the development strategy of the accounting profession in China.

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T: 010-64505132

Email: zhengw@mail.nai.edu.cn


Chief Accountants Upgrading Programme

Fostering Chief Accountants with Global Vision, Pioneering Spirit and Strategic Thoughts

To strengthen the competency of chief accountants at large and medium-sized enterprises and public administrative institutions, the Ministry of Finance launched the Chief Accountants Upgrading Programme in 2013 on the basis of the former training program for chief accountants of SOEs. This is another high-level nationwide training initiative following the Accounting Leading Talents Programmes launched by the Ministry of Finance. The Programmes aims to bring up a large number of high quality chief accountants with global vision, pioneering spirit, managerial capability and social responsibility to promote sound and rapid economic and social development of China.

BNAI has been offering the Chief Accountants Upgrading Programmes since 2013 and has established a name on these programmes based on a good understanding of the general guideline, specific cultivation requirements and curriculum requirements by the Ministry of Finance.  BNAI has integrated the advantages in terms of training resources, faculty strength, course development and continued service, which have been translated into unique characteristics for the Chief Accountants Upgrading Programme, namely, high end target positioning, scientific curriculum configuration, systematic training organization, multi-sourced faculty formation and sustained tracking and follow-up support.

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T: 010-64505132

Email: zhengw@mail.nai.edu.cn


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme

Accountancy CPD Education Benchmarking and National-level Continuing Education Base for CPAs and Senior Accountants

As the business world is ever changing, the accounting professionals will never know enough. BNAI has been nationally recognized to offer quality continuing professional development programmes to help the accountants to meet the challenges and the needs of business and government. In partnership with CICPA and its provincial branches, China Appraisal Society (CAS) and its provincial branches, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), State Administration of Taxation (SAT) and its branches, and large and medium-sized enterprises, etc., BNAI has been offering diverse CPD programmes to trainees, with emphasis on new skills development and long-term learning, and also providing a platform of communication and exchange for professionals in accounting and related disciplines.

Programme Enquiries:

Mr. Xiaokun XUE

T: 010-64505120

Email: xuexk@mail.nai.edu.cn


Open Enrolment EE Programmes at BNAI

Policy-oriented and Excellence for Achievement

BNAI open-enrolment programmes feature accounting, auditing, taxation, finance and public finance etc. Our Executive Development Team work closely with experts, from discovery and design, through delivery, to evaluation, on learning programmes that are uniquely created to combine latest policies, cutting-edge academic theory and extensive practitioner experience.

BNAI offers high-quality open-enrolment programmes targeting mid-to senior-level executives from enterprises, financial institutions, administrative divisions, and intermediaries, etc. BNAI has developed a series of mature open programmes and our future-facing open-enrolment programmes build long-term partnerships with our participants- developing, empowering and supporting their activities at both the individual and organisational level.

Open Programmes Design

The BNAI faculty plays a very important role in the success of institute. Over the past years, BNAI has developed FIVE major faculties, namely accounting, auditing, finance, taxation and common courses, FOUR research institutes and THREE research centres. By conducting both research and teaching and undertaking research projects for Ministry of Finance as “Think Tank” in the field of finance and economics, BNAI faculty is actively engaged in consultancy and business relevant research and is closely in tune with the evolving needs of business and government. They are committed to practicality, which means they are consistently current and topical in their teaching. They bring not only experience but also rigour to the open programmes.


Distinguished Faculty


A key strength of BNAI is its distinguished and diverse faculty, which has experts from government, business and universities. The programmes often have privileges to have policy makers, standard setters and regulators to deliver these new issues and guidance. Expert from leading SOEs, private companies, financial institutions and accounting firms with practical knowledgeprovide practical concepts, skills and solutions.Professors from BNAI and high education and international professional organisations share and disseminate applied knowledge and theory and illuminate the broader global context, fostering dialogue and debate about the real issues of business.


Bespoke and Comprehensive Open Executive Education


BNAI EE has developed a diverse range of 5 major subjects, 20 series and 160+ courses for senior managers, financial specialists, government macro-economic administrators and non-financial managers from government departments, administrative units, manufacture, pharmacy, energy, finance, telecommunication, business and enterprise etc. BNAI’s portfolio of open programmes is one of the most comprehensive and recognized for the needs of business and government. 

The BNAI Approach

The BNAI experience is challenging, inspirational and stimulating. Participants are immersed in varied activities, teaching styles and experiences to maximise personal interaction, debate and discussion. Tutorials and lectures combine with non-traditional seminars such as case study, improvisation, game-playing, and Lab learning.

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BNAI Professor-in-charge Programmes

Leading Experts, Professional Perspectives, Fine Quality Courses, Developed in Depth

BNAI Faculty-led Programmes are featured programmes, which are led by BNAI Faculty, from design, through delivery, to administration and evaluation, on learning programmes, which can range from a few days to many weeks.

The leaders in their chosen fields are responsible for the quality and design of programmes. They are actively engaged in consultancy and business relevant research and are closely in tune with the evolving needs of business and government. They are committed to practicality, which means they are consistently current and topical in their teaching. They bring not only experience but rigour to their programmes.

In addition to their teaching responsibilities, Leading BNAI academics also collaborate closely with practitioners, policy makers and regulators to create and develop unique value programmes.

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Customized Programmes

BNAI has carried out extensive cooperation with government departments, administrative units, SOEs throughout China. In addition to that, BNAI also cooperates with diverse sectors to develop and deliver custom programmes targeting senior financial executives, changing the future of the participating executives and their organisations. These powerful highly tailored learning experiences help executives forge strong bonds across functions and borders, a shared vision and vocabulary, and an exceptional level of inspiration and momentum.In addition to these custom programs serving the needs of companies, BNAI also partner with industry associations to provide executive education programs tailored to the needs of their members.

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T: 010—64505132

Email: zhengw@mail.nai.edu.cn


BNAI THINK TANK (BNAI Broadcast Platform)

BNAI THINK TANK is a public platform that is set by BNAI Teaching and Training Department, which integrates knowledge learning, communication and interaction, information transmission and think tank. The Think Tank platform broadcasts the forefront of finance and accounting news, research and academic achievements every day, but also promptly push the latest training courses, forum lectureannouncements. BNAIisholdingV-class, online courses, forums and other activities from time to time. The think tank platform also allows the links to these resources.


BNAI V-Classes

BNAI V-classes are delivered in the way of WeChat class group. By joining the group, participants can listen to mini-lessons online and interact with guest lecturers in real time. Different from the traditional face-to-face and audio-visual lessons, the V-classes has the advantages of not limited by the size of the classroom, low cost and high efficiency characteristics, which is mobile Internet and education closely integrated product serviced for more broader audience. And it’s also established a learning exchange and communication platform through the cloud technology.


BNAI Forum

BNAI Forum is held under the tremendous support of the BNAI’s presidents. It is a series of leading forums to enrich the teaching content of the trainees and also expand new knowledge, new skillsand new regulations outside the classroom. The Forum is also serviced as a platform for leading accounting talents. With the philosophy of  "Knowledge to Learn, Wisdom to Share", through the ways of forum, special topicsand course of lectures, structured seminars, live broadcast etc. to helpthe trainees to broaden their perspectives, expand thoughts and enhance ability. BNAIalso invites leading prestigious expertsin the fields of finance and economics, culture, science and technology to share their knowledge, wisdom and experience. In 2017, BNAI will continue to launch the events from time to time. We look forward to welcome your participation and sharing your experience and intelligence.

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MsSijie LI

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