Beijing National Accounting Institute has a faculty team of full-time professors with profound theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. The Institute is vigorously promoting the internationalization strategy to further improve the teaching and research of its faculty through joint research with overseas universities and professional institutions. At the same time, it is actively attracting instructors through vigorously incentivizing overseas professionals, filing for post-doctoral work stations and overseas practical training channels in line with the development of a faculty team with international vision and global thinking.


As a national training base for financial and economic professionals and one of the nine co-established colleges and universities of the Ministry of Finance, the Institute is dedicated to the building of a financial and economic think tank, giving full play of its brand characteristics in the training of financial and economic professionals, targeting at the frontier and trend-forming issues in the reform of the fiscal and taxation system, and taking the unique advantages of students' familiarity with the development of the industry and proficiency in practical operations, so as to continuously serve the government departments and industry organizations in the process of policy formulation, implementation, feedback, and adjustment through dynamic research and consultation. At the same time, facing the international environment, the International Finance and Economics Center of the Institute ( polishes and builds an excellent team for international financial and economic research, focuses on the international financial and economic field, improves the sustainability and systemization of international financial and economic policy research support, guides the international community to a rational and objective evaluation of China's fiscal and taxation policies and systems with the social influence of well-known speakers and researchers. The recent years has seen a continuous increase of investment and joint efforts of the Institute from both domestic and international directions in the building of a think tank, human resources reserve and database for fiscal and taxation system reform.


In order to promote the construction of key disciplines in line with the development of the Institute, five research institutes, three research centers and four laboratories have been established, which have collaborated in the organization of academic seminars, building scientific research bases in cooperation with enterprises, introducing research projects targeting at corporate issues, forming a platform encompassing research projects and practical applications heading towards the integration of "production, learning and research,"  and continuously improving the core competitiveness and social influence of the Institute.